Multilingual guidance

Guidance service is available according to the timetable below. Multilingual guidance can be found at Oulu10, first floor (Saaristonkatu 8).

The multilingual guidance gives you information on public authorities, tips for different aspects of life and provides help in problematic situations.

Multilingual advisors can also provide information on other activities at Villa Victor such as Finnish language classes.

You can also contact us on social media:

Facebook: Villa Victor Monikulttuurikeskus Multicultural Centre
Instagram: @villavictoroulu 

Arabic/Berber/French/English/Finnish tel. 040 651 5687 
Monday - Thursday at 9 - 16.30 
Fridays 9 - 16

Chinese/Japanese tel. 040 617 4470  
Thursdays at 9 - 11

Persian/Dari/Kurdish (Sorani) tel. 040 484 2993  
Monday - Friday at 9 - 15 

Turkish/Kurdish (Kurmanji) available again on the 12th October.
Tuesdays at 16 - 18 
Thursdays at 16 - 18

Somali  tel. 040 589 3052 
Wednesdays at 12 - 15 
Thursdays at 13 - 16

Tigrinya  tel. 040 586 1724 
Mondays at 16.30 - 18 ( only phone 13th September, not available 20th September )
Tuesdays at 16.30 - 18 (not available 14th September)
Wednesdays at 16.30 - 18 (not available 15th September)

Russian/Dutch tel. 040 621 1714 
Tuesdays at 9 - 12
Fridays at 12 - 15 (not available 17th September)


Are you planning on moving to Oulu?

Would you like to know more about Oulu, living in the city, and things that need to be done before or shortly after you move here?

Multicultural Centre Villa Victor is launching a new online service for people, who are considering moving to Oulu. 

The service is free of charge. It is provided online via Teams.

You will get guidance in English, Russian and Dutch.

More information as well as the instructions on how to book an appointment, can be found on Teams-Guidance page.

Information about Oulu in different languages

InfoFinland is a multi-language website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.