Support for Youth Organisations

Youth organisations offer children and young people diverse opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Organisational activities provide young people with opportunities to influence society. Youth organisations also have, alongside school and home, an important role as educators. Learn more about the local youth organisations (in Finnish).

The City of Oulu supports youth organisations in many different ways. For example, youth organisations are generally not subject to rents for the use of youth facilities. Youth organisations and groups may also receive grants awarded by the Education and Culture Committee. 


Grants for Youth Organisations

Youth work and policy are part of municipalities’ responsibilities (Section 8 of the Youth Act). Municipalities, youth associations, and other youth work organisations are responsible for the implementation of youth work. In fact, one of the municipal youth work’s tasks is to support youth associations and groups in their operations. There are about 70 local youth organisations in Oulu.

Forms of grants

Annual grants support the usual activities of youth associations, such as training, courses, camps, international operations, and hiring of employees.

Deadline for the annual grant applications is at the end of January. Read more in Finnish from Nuorisojärjestöjen tukeminen.

Project grants are available throughout the year. Project grants are awarded for specific, predetermined causes such as events or other activities that are organised by young people themselves and support their participation and influencing.

Project grants are awarded to youth associations and groups who have not been awarded the annual grant from the Education and Culture Committee.


NERO Activity Grants

The City of Oulu wants to invest in the well-being of children and young people by increasing the opportunities for participating in activities. NERO grant is aimed for children and young people. NERO grant can be applied throughout the year.

Read more about NERO and how to apply from Nuorten NERO page (in Finnish)