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School and contact teaching begin on August 12

Contact teaching in basic education will resume in all Finnish schools. In Oulu, school begins on Wednesday August 12. You may check the precise hour on the pupil’s spring report, on the school’s website or by contacting the school office.

The National Board of Education has issued guidelines on how to safely return to school. The coronavirus pandemic hygiene guidelines will continue to be observed in primary school, as elsewhere, so as to not increase the risk of infection. Unnecessary close contact will be avoided and infection-preventing hygienic practices will be observed.

Mealtime will be organized in a staggered manner. Strict hygiene will be observed during cooking, food distribution and eating. We will be monitoring the progress of the epidemic and amending mealtime arrangements as necessary.

Normal school procedure will apply to any absences from school. A permission to be absent should always be sought, and the school will consider the grounds for granting such permission. Attending school when sick is strictly prohibited. Any absence due to illness should be communicated to the school as soon as possible.

Remote connections will be utilized where possible when contacting parents (eg. for development interviews). The families’ capabilities for using remote connections will be taken into account when setting up such meetings. Any in-person meetings will observe strict hygienic practices. 

It is the duty of every school to inform the pupils and their guardians about specific issues related to school transportation and procedures.

The City of Oulu, as the organizer of educational services, is also preparing plans for the event of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic which might necessitate a resumption of distance education, or rotated contact and distance education.

Parents should be keen to have a child experiencing respiratory symptoms get a coronavirus test; first call the City of Oulu coronavirus helpline at 08 558 41414 (Mon–Thu 8–16, Fri 8–15). In the evenings and on weekends, instead call the Oulu region health guidance helpline at 08 315 2655. Before the reception of test results, contact with others should be avoided. If symptoms resume or worsen, seek a new test.

If a family member develops a respiratory infection, other healthy family members may nevertheless attend daycare, school or work if necessary. In confirmed cases of a coronavirus infection, the authorities will decide on the extent of the quarantine.

Persons returning from abroad must observe the quarantine guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Welfare.

Paid after-school activities will be organized for those pupils listed to attend.

We seek to minimize the need for guardians to enter school buildings. Communication will occur over Wilma messages or over the phone.

School terms and holidays for Basic Education and Upper Secondary Schools during 2020-2021

We wish everyone a happy school year!


Mika Penttilä, Director of Educational and Cultural Services
Marjut Nurmivuori, Director of Basic Education and Youth Services


If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information